Wednesday through Saturday

Orders due by 12pm for that evening.

Delivery included on orders of $100 or more

Email to place orders


Tropical Tuna Poke $15

Crispy Salmon Skin Salad $9

2pc Nigiri / 3pc Sashimi $8

Add Fresh Wasabi $5

Kona Kampachi

Ora King Salmon

Hawaiian Yellowfin Tuna

Specialty Nigiri/Sashimi - Price Varies - 24hrs Advanced Notice

Tai Snapper







Basic Rolls $10




Spicy Tuna

Salmon Skin

Specialty Rolls

Seasonal Veggie Roll (Vegan) $15

A Selection of Seasonal Veggies Inside and Out.

Rainbow Roll $15

California Roll topped with Assorted Fish and Avocado.

Slammin' Salmon $17

Spicy Tuna and Cucumber topped with Salmon and avocado.

Roasted Pineapple Salsa.

Sesame Tuna $17

Krab and Cucumber topped with Sesame Seared Tuna.

Ginger Sesame Ponzu sauce.

Spicy Kampachi $17

Spicy Krab and Cucumber topped with Kampachi and Avocado. Serrano Citrus Salsa.

Crabby Crab $18

Shrimp Tempura and Avocado topped with Crab.

Sweet Soy Drizzle.

Custom Roll

Let the Sushi Monkey create something special just for you!

*Seasonal Rolls Subject to Availability*

*Thai Tai $18

Krab and Pickled Carrot topped with Tai Snapper and Mango. Thai Chili Fish Sauce.

*Prickly Albacore $18

Krab and Asparagus topped with Albacore and Avocado.

Prickly Pear Habanero Sauce.

*Soy Dynamite $18

Soy Paper Wrapped Avocado and Cucumber topped with Mixed Dynamite and Tobiko.

Family Platter (Feeds 4) $100

A Pre-Selected Assortment of 3 Specialty Rolls, 8pc Nigiri, Spicy Tuna Roll, 4 Handrolls

**All rolls can be made gluten free upon request